Soapie villains: See who gets paid more between Nkunzi and Brutus

indafrica June 3, 2022
Updated 2022/06/03 at 10:29 AM

See who gets paid more between Nkunzi from Uzalo and Brutus from The Queen?Have you ever wondered how much the actors who keep us glued to our screens earn per month?

In the wake of our wondering, we have managed to connect the dots when it comes to the favourite actors we all love to hate.

In recent years Mzansi soapies will have cast villain characters whose motives and actions are to protagonists and drive the story’s plot.

Villains in Soapies – These characters play a significant role in making the soapie prominent and most followed. A villain can be good or bad, depending on the storyline of the soapie.

Masoja Msiza portrays the role of Nkunzi on Uzalo. He is, without doubt, the reason why Uzalo has a considerable following.

In 2018, Nkunzi was involved in a historical viewership record-breaking episode that clocked over 10 million views.

In the episode, Nkunzi was marrying Mamlambo, and his long time lover MaNcobo invaded the wedding at gunpoint and made Nkunzi choose between her and Mamlambo.

Nkunz’s salary

It’s evident that Nkunzi’s services don’t come cheap. Mzansi loves how the actor nails his role as a villain effortlessly. For his role in Uzalo, Nkunzi earns R85 000 per month.

On the other hand, Themba Ndaba portrays the role of an unforgiving villain in The Queen. He is a man on a mission to destroy the love life of her sister Harriet, and he will do anything to accomplish his task.

Brutus is evil that even his wife is scared of him, and he doesn’t care. Despite playing an apologetic villain, Brutus woes Mzansi with his complicated English jargon.

Brutus’s salary

After his salary at The Queen leaked, the actor we all love to hate made headlines. He is one of the most paid actors on the show, and he is in the top ten of the most paid actors in Mzansi. For his role in The Queen, Brutus goes home with R90 000 every month.

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