SEE: Muvhango’s James Motsamai becomes a Sangoma

indafrica June 5, 2022
Updated 2022/06/05 at 8:40 AM

Chief Azwindini Mukwevho (Gabriel Temudzani) is long running Chief of Thathe and he is about to die only to come back a day later.

Azwindini has always been in trouble with his ancestors especially when it comes to his leadership. This June Chief will once again get punished by his ancestors for disobeying them.

Things will get bad when he requests for Mukondeleli’s body to take his position on the throne.

The royal house will have problems once the body of Mukondeleli is brought to the house. It will be more worse when Azwindini stops her burial.

Azwindini will be summoned by the ancestors but he will refuse to go to them. His refusal will get angry and decide punish him.

Chief will eventually go to them after threatening Vhangani’s life. This will not stop them from punishing him as he will die and wake him up the next day.

James has been struggling for a while now with his life. He will keep struggling with strange things happening in his life. Motsamai will start seeing things that will indicate the calling.

We all know that James has not had it easy and this calling is the last thing he needs. Read teasers below:

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