Gomora actor Israel Matseke Zulu makes epic come back

indafrica June 6, 2022
Updated 2022/06/06 at 5:43 AM

Following his life-changing battle with gangrene,
former Gomora actor Israel Matseke Zulu, has returned back to the entertainment spotlight. According to Drum he is part of a campaign with other celebrities called Nescafe: Made Strong.

With the campaign, the likes of Mafikizolo’s Nhlanhla Nciza, HHP’s ex-wife Lerato Sengadi and Youngsta CPT, are looking to inspire others by using their past experiences.

Israel is hopeful with the direction the country is taking with this campaign and who better to be a part of it, other than him. Fans of the star are happy to see that he is back and in high spirits.

The star might have gone through something extremely traumatic and unexpected, but he has returned. He spoke to the publication about this experience and detailed how he first found out, to the time he had his leg amputated.

Israel, like many Africans, also took the traditional route to find out what exactly happened to him. Explaining how everything started he said it “was a very painful shock but it only came once like it was passing.

After that I suffered from cold feet, sometimes my feet were stiff, sometimes I would limp and sometimes I would get out of bed in the middle of the night and sit on the couch and I would feel better because when I go to bed the pain would be heavy.”

After visiting various organisations including church, he had visited a specialist who diagnosed him. He told the publication that he had never heard of that word ever in his life.

Describing it as having your feet die while you are alive, he said his friend who is a doctor advised him that he has to get his leg amputated. He agreed but as the time for him to have his leg amputated came, he changed his mind.

He had to finally agree because of how his condition had worsened.
“The fourth time I agreed because my condition was worse, I became critical, and I couldn’t walk.”

Having to deal with other people’s opinions, Israel said he thought he had reached his demise. But thankfully, he had another chance to live.

“I thought I was going to die because some people kept on telling me that I am bewitched, I stepped on umuthi and it got into my body and that will travel to my heart and I will die. But now that I didn’t die, I found an opportunity to live again,” he said.

In other interviews he said he lived in hell for 7 months. He told Sunday World that the amputation was necessary because it would affect his kidney or the other leg.

“What surprised the doctors was that although this is caused by high blood and sugar diabetes, I don’t have either. They then suspected that it might be smoking. That is why those who believe in witchcraft would say I have been bewitched. But I go with what medical scientists said, and that is why I quit smoking,” the publication quoted Israel.

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