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indafrica June 8, 2022
Updated 2022/06/08 at 3:18 PM

Lillian Dube is considered one of South Africa’s most cherished actresses and she has been in some of our favourite TV shows such as Generations, Skwizas, Intersexions, and Soul City as the popular Sister Bettina.

The thespian, who hails from Lesotho, is understood to be open and sincere about her life stories and what she has been through. In the first episode of Downtime With Somizi, the actress dropped a bombshell that left us shook.

Speaking to Somizi and Mara Louw, she spoke about a time in her existence when she became an intercourse worker. “I am a girl from Lesotho.” I have had a lot of jobs. I have been a home employee, a nurse resource, and a tea girl, “she explained.

She then went on to say, “When you talk about prostitutes, I have been that: the children have to consume, I have to live to tell the tale.” I may not even have accomplished anything for survival, but by the grace of God, I am now the most respected and cherished actress. ”

On the stigmatization of prostitution, Lilian said, “While people talk about being sick of prostitutes, I get so indignant because no one ever desires to be a prostitute; occasions lead them there.”

After Lilian shared this part of her lifestyle, many enthusiasts took to Twitter to react to the news. Here is a number of the feedback below: In an interview on Real Talk With Anele, the thespian opened up about a time in her life when she was not capable of falling pregnant in her more youthful days.

“Thank God, I couldn’t fall pregnant due to the fact that if I was capable of falling pregnant, I don’t know how many kids I could have had of various fathers,” she stated jokingly.

Back to Downtime With Somizi, Lillian also unfolded approximately the painful parts of her existence. The media character spoke candidly about being sexually abused more than once.

She went on to mention that the first time she treated the sexual abuse she went through was while Uyinene was reportedly attacked at the post office. She spread out approximately a time when something comparable occurred to her.

Lilian isn’t the only megastar who has spoken out about being sexually abused. In 2021, Amanda DuPont accused Jub Jub of allegedly sexually abusing her when they had been in a relationship.


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