Dark Cloud hits the Qwabe family

indafrica June 9, 2022
Updated 2022/06/09 at 8:17 AM

Dark cloud hits the Qwabe family as they lose a loved one. The missing student who was reported missing few days ago, Sunday to be specific has been found dead by his relative.

It was reported on Tuesday morning that the student who goes by the name Banele Qwabe who was discovered missing on Saturday/Sunday has been found dead. The details of his death have not yet been released by his family.

The news were announced on Wednesay by her older sister, Thembisile Qwabe, who initially discovered that he was missing.

She reported that the student has left a note on his residential room which has not yet been made available to the general public.

It is suspected that the student was overwhelmed by the amount of work that they were subjected to in the University of Kwazulu Natal.

The student is suspected to have taken his life due to the fact that he was not copying at all in the course he enrolled for.The details of his memorial service and burial have not yet been released by the family and university.

If he is related to the Qwabe twins who are famously known for their amazing voices is not yet known.

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