WATCH: Mampho goes to early labor… baby zwide dies?

indafrica June 10, 2022
Updated 2022/06/10 at 2:40 PM

House of Zwide’s Nkosi will try to get his girlfriend Shoki (Wanda Zuma) and his baby mama Mampho to get along for his daughter’s sake.

This is after Mampho revealed that she’s pregnant with his baby and Nkosi moved out of Shoki’s house and moved back into the Zwide house to support the mother of his unborn baby.

The TVSA House of Zwide June teasers reveal that Nkosi’s girlfriend Shoki (Shalate Sekhabe) will have an argument with Mampho which will cause her to go into a coma and cause early labour.

The Tuesday 7 June teaser reads:

“Nkosi’s plan goes well until he leaves Mampho and Shoki alone.”

The Friday 10 June teaser reads:

“A shocking accident brings people together, but Shoki’s guilt threatens to overwhelm her.”

Nkosi will eventually find out about the incident, refuse to believe that she pushed her on purpose.

The Friday 17 June teaser reads:

“Mampho’s utterance leaves everyone stunned but Nkosi is in denial, Faith wants Shoki to be punished but Funani is not in support.”

Mampho (Gaisang Noge) will be discharged from the hospital, go into labour on Monday, 20 June and give birth on Wednesday 22 June.

The Wednesday 22 June teaser reads:

“Baby Busi has finally arrived, changing the Zwides forever.”

The birth of the baby will change Mampho’s heart about Shoki and the two will eventually make up.

The Thursday 23 June 2022

“Mampho does the right thing and she and Shoki make peace.”

Viewers will see Mampho and Nkosi spending more and more time together and bonding with their baby at his parent’s house.

The baby’s arrival will cause more tension in his relationship with Shoki who is already feeling neglected and jealous of his growing bond with his baby mama.

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