10 Mzansi Celebs you didn’t know were once in prison

indafrica June 11, 2022
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They may give off the impression of being royalty due to the fact that they have tens of thousands, if not millions, of adherents, but this does not put them beyond the reach of the law.

If a celebrity is discovered breaching the law, they will face the same repercussions as the rest of us because their status as a celebrity does not insulate them from the same laws and regulations that every other citizen of South Africa is required to observe.

A number of well-known people in South Africa have been accused of committing serious crimes, including homicide, rape, hit-and-run accidents, and drunk driving, to name just a few of the offences.

We have come to the conclusion that it would be interesting to build a list of 10 South African celebrities who have been found guilty of breaching the law and have been sentenced to time in jail as a direct consequence of their actions.

1. Khanya Mkangisa

Khaya is one of the most well-known musicians in the nation and is widely considered to be among the most influential young people on social media. However, the arrest she received in May 2019 for drinking and driving under the influence of alcohol put an end to all of her successes and put all of her accomplishments in jeopardy.

Additionally, it was captured on film that she was cursing and shouting at the officer who had detained her. She was let go from the regional television drama ‘The Queen’ not long after she admitted that she had done something wrong.

2. A cup of black coffee

The worldwide DJ did not have a perfectly clean past, either. Neither of them did. In 2015, on the night of Christmas, the award-winning DJ was taken into custody for speeding when it was determined that he was driving at a speed of 200 kilometres per hour in a zone where the speed limit was 120 kilometres per hour.

3. Jub Jub.

On March 8, 2010, when he and a buddy were under the influence of heavy drugs and racing on a public road near a school, the accident that they caused was a terrible one, and it resulted in the deaths of four children and injuries to the two who survived.

In the beginning, the man who is now a TV personality and his companion were both given a sentence of 25 years in jail for the murder and attempted murder of the youngsters.

On the other hand, the primary conviction was overturned in 2012, and the individual’s sentence was reduced to 10 years in prison. After completing just four years of his ten-year sentence, he was granted parole on January 5, 2017, making him eligible for release.

4. Brickz.

A South African court convicted the South African Kawito singer guilty of raping his late sister’s kid and sentenced him to fifteen years in prison for the crime.

In spite of the fact that the singer and songwriter maintained his innocence throughout the whole of the trial and continued to assert that the truth would ultimately come out, he is still serving his jail term to this very day.

5. Maggie Benedict

In the first iteration of the television programme “Generations,” this actress portrayed Akhona.

During the month of December 2013, she was apprehended at a Checkers location for stealing a package of Panado pills with a value of R 17. She was formally charged with stealing at a police station in the area.

6. Nathi.

In 2019, the hitmaker of “Nomvula” and award-winning Afro pop artist was held on suspicion of perpetrating a commercial robbery together with two of his friends. The crime was suspected to have occurred in 2019.

After coming to the decision to sever ties with the singer and composer, he travelled to the offices of his previous employer.

Nathi and his colleagues stole several electronic devices, including laptops, phones, cellphones, and printers.

7. MacDonald Ndou

The well-known Muvhango actor, who is most recognised for his performance in the character of KK, was arrested in July 2019 by the Hawk, together with two other men, on suspicion of extortion, abduction, corruption, and theft.

The three men allegedly claimed to be police officials and tried to extort money from a Gauteng businessman by threatening to arrest him for illegally transporting diamonds. The businessman was targeted because the three individuals believed he was involved in diamond trafficking.

8. Trevor Noah

When Trevor was a teenager, he was taken into custody, and for the next week, he was held on the suspicion that he had stolen a vehicle. Before he was caught by the police, he reportedly went for a joyride in a vehicle that he had stolen by borrowing it from the auto repair shop that his stepfather owned.

When the police checked the registration of the vehicle, they found that it did not correspond to the number plates, so they held him on the suspicion that he was driving a vehicle that had been stolen.

9. Oscar Pistorious

10. Sindisiwe Manqele.

The murderer Sindisiwe Manqele was given a sentence of 12 years in jail for the death of her rapper lover Flabba. Manqele was convicted of the crime.

Note that these well-known South Africans are not above the law (although some unique instances could have you asking questions). If a celebrity participates in illicit conduct, they will face the long arm of the law just as any other citizen would.

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