Muvhango permanently fires its top 2 actors… chief included

indafrica June 12, 2022
Updated 2022/06/12 at 9:22 AM

Muvhango fires 2 top actors!
Great shock as Muvhango actors who play KK and Mulalo were allegedly booted off the show for an unknown reason after fifteen years in the show.

McDonald Ndou who played the KK role and Sydney Ramakuwela who played Mulalo were both shocked and hurt that they were being let go after being with the show for fifteen years.

Muvhango fires 2 top actors!
Fellow cast members were equally shocked after some were given contracts that would last half the new season and the two did not get another chance.

Cast and crew members thought the two had done something and some even suggested that they should apologize to the production team and they did not apologize since they had done nothing wrong.

Muvhango fires 2 top actors!
Sydney was upset because he left his home in Limpopo and moved to Gauteng for the show only to be shown the door without notice.

Macdonald was also unhappy and hurt but he was not showing it. He was told the story was taking a different direction and he appreciated the opportunity he got to play his role for many years.

Muvhango fires 2 top actors!
The worst part is that the two found out about their exit frow fellow actors in the show.

Publicity specialist for video entertainment Caroline Phakatshela said the production house had informed Sydney and Macdonald that with the new contract they would be placed on a call basis.

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