SEE Cute Pics: House Of Zwide actors Ona and Sandile dating in real life

indafrica June 13, 2022
Updated 2022/06/13 at 8:22 AM

House Of Zwide actors Ona and Sandile spark dating rumours after viral cosy video flooded internet
House of Zwide cast members Nefisa Mkhabela who plays Ona and Paballo Mavundla who plays Sandile spark dating rumours.

On Paballo’s birthday yesterday, the two were seen parting together. Colleagues hanging out together outside work is not out of the ordinary. What creates suspicion is the level of cosiness.

We also noted none of the other cast members from the show was present. Not even one of the crew members.

It was just the actor and the actress getting cosy together in a club. Could the former on-screen romance between Sandile and Ona actually purge in real life?

Ona and Sandile’s on-screen romance

At the begging of the soapie House of Zwide. Paballo’s character had a huge crush on Nefisa Mkhabela’s character Onalerona.

Sandile made his move by declaring his undying love for the young fashion designer. At the time Ona was confused as she had feelings for both Soka and Sandile.

Sandile and Ona from House of Zwide-Image Source – Instagram
As time went by she explored both personalities of her suitors. In the end, Sandile lost to Soka.

He was persistent but Ona just chose Soka as her man. Months after Sandile and Ona are still close friends. As the HOZ interns, they have each other’s backs at all times.

House Of Zwide actors Ona and Sandile spark dating rumours after viral cosy video flooded internet
HOZ cast outside the office
The cast of House of Zwide is very close to one another off the screen.

In real life, they frequently cheer each other on. They take photos together. When there are events to launch new shows on eTV they show up as a unit. In real life, they present a very united front.

In the context of being realistic, we have to state that Nefisa and Paballo were just hanging out together. Their chemistry and closeness were a bit too suspicious. None of them has hinted at being in a romantic relationship of any sort.

Could the two be dating in real life?
We can say they aren’t dating as not everyone who poses with a person of the opposite sex is dating. We can also judge the book by its cover and say they are definitely an item. Both of them have a big onscreen connection we cannot ignore. Both of them are also very private about their love lives. We just aren’t sure just as yet.

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