Tonight Pretty and Lehasa discuss about the wedding

indafrica June 17, 2022
Updated 2022/06/17 at 3:35 PM

Lehasa and Khwezi’s wedding seems to be going down the drain bit by bit. It seems like Lehasa never loved Khwezi. She was just available when he needed her.

It is just so sad for Khwezi because she is really determined to make their relationship work. She is just excited to get married to Lehasa not knowing that Lehasa is just not into her.

But Lehasa leaving Khwezi for Pretty might put Pretty’s life in danger. Khwezi is just too dangerous and might hurt Pretty when Lehasa decide to leave her.

It is just clear that there won’t be a wedding anymore. Lehasa is drunk in love with Pretty. Lehasa was ready to pay Lobola for Khwezi and all of a sudden he changed his mind.

He changed his mind after he discovered something that he saw which was copied from Khwezi’s phone. He then became doubtful and he is now determined to fix his relationship with Pretty.


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