etv and SABC 2 actress involved in car accident

indafrica June 18, 2022
Updated 2022/06/18 at 7:20 AM

Former Rhythm City actress Kamogelo Molatlhoe is in hospital after surviving a car crash. She was travelling in a vehicle when a horrible accident happened.

Fortunately for the actress, she didn’t pass away. She did, however, sustain minor injuries and bruises.

Damage to the car

She survived the car crash and didn’t lose her life. Her car, however, suffered a lot of damage on the front. Her bumper is wholly ruined, along with the lights of the vehicle.

You can see a glimpse of the engine when you look at the car. She was just fortunate a spark didn’t ignite.

In some cases, the car goes on fire after a car crash. Of course, the cause is the oil in the engine catching a bit of fire. Kamo was just one of the lucky ones to survive with just car damage.

Road accidents, especially during holidays

As we know, the 16th of June is Youth Day’s public holiday. We celebrate the youth who protested against rigid laws in teaching languages during apartheid. Most people travel to their homes on public holidays to spend time with their families. Most road accidents happen during and after public holidays.

Many people lose their lives on public holidays. Kamo almost lost hers, especially since it was at night or the early hours of the morning. Hence before public holidays, there is more traffic cop presence on the roads.

Message to her fans

She took to Instagram to post that she was good despite the accident. Kamo admitted the accident had her shook. She also spoke about her injuries, saying she had bruises from the crash. From the image she posted of herself on a hospital bed, we can see her face is clean.

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