Truth about Ona’s paternity comes out

indafrica June 25, 2022
Updated 2022/06/25 at 6:19 PM

Isaac shows his vulnerable side and he does just that to get his daughter Ona her job back at fashion empire House Of Zwide.

He begs Funani to give Ona job back , another last shot. After considerations , Funani gives Ona her job back .

Funani will go to Ona’s home and ask her to return and she will agree. This time Funani is more confident with Ona and Ona rushes to complete her design for Jozi Fashion Week.

Ona walks into House Of Zwide , this is not sit well with Faith and the interns intensifies after seeing Ona.

There will be an on going competition in which the intern with the best design will be awarded a permanent job at House Of Zwide.

Ona is now the biggest threat.
With few weeks left until the day of Fashion Week , Ona hasn’t started to do her designing. This is going to be hard for Ona and vital for her. She will work hard on her design and this is not going to be enough as she runs out of time to complete her dress.


The night before Fashion Week and Ona is very anxiously trying to put everything in order but she is far behind. All the interns put jealous aside and help Ona finish off her design.

Ona is very happy now and appreciates the love and support. She starts to believe in herself again. Ona and the interns can’t wait to show their talents at Fashion Week .


Midway through the event a startling truth is revealed that changes everything about Ona’s life.

Ona’s family will be destroyed after she discovers the truth about her paternity and she will never look at isaac the same way.

Nkosi conducts a DNA test behind his father about baby Busi’s paternity. Nkosi fears his actions destroys his family and Funani goes on a mission to discover the truth. Isaac past haunts him and Faith hides behind lies to save herself.

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    • Yooh final we’ve been waiting for so long, I wonder how Faith will react…. I’m really happy for Ona at last truth will be revealed

    • I can’t wait to see Faith’s face when her lies and deceit caught up with her. I want Funani to see Faith for who she is.

  • I can’t wait to see Faith’s face when her lies and deceit caught up with her. I want Funani to see Faith for who she is.

    • Finally!We’ve been waiting long for the truth to come out,good luck Ona @Zwides,Faith has to start packing

  • I really can’t wait to see how faith will react….i wish ona and funani to reunite ….the truth is gonna come out whereby faith will confess about everything that has happened when the house burned ……..i can’t wait…. it’s gonna be hot

    i love HOZ😊

  • Its being long seens I waited for the girl to find peace n happiness at last truth being told Forward we go Team Ona

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