She’s in pain: Connie Ferguson’s DSTV Viewers Choice awards speech disappoints fans as she dedicates award to her late husban

indafrica June 28, 2022
Updated 2022/06/28 at 7:00 AM

She’s in pain: Connie Ferguson’s DSTV Viewers Choice awards speech disappoints fans as she continuously mentions her late husband, Shona Ferguson.

Adding to her big awards cabinet, The Queen actress Connie Ferguson won this year’s DSTV Viewers Choice Personality of the year.

The fine actress faced stiff competition to the price as she beat Makhadzi , Shauwn Mkhize, DBN Gogo and Lasizwe.

It was indeed a moment justifiable to shout out loud, jump into the air, or do whatever one could to express the level of achievement like this. Surprisingly Connie was not in the mood for all that; her heart told her otherwise.

Upon receiving the prestigious award, Connie looked so low and out of the expected mood; she was still mourning Shona. It’s a year come 30 July since she lost her supportive husband to Covid-19. It seems that whenever Connie finds a chance to speak anything, whatever the occasion, she talks about Shona.

Once she took the mike, Connie changed the whole mood as attendees felt her pain dedicating the award to her late husband. It sounds so wrong to dictate to Connie the mourning period, but fans on social media have lost their patience.

The fifty-two-year-old actress started her speech by describing her best friend, whom she said was and will always be a pillar in her life.

She spoke at length about this person she called her best friend before saying it was Shona. She went on to thank her fellow workmates at the Ferguson Films before leaving the stage.

A few days passed before Twitter user Musa Khawula started all the noise around Connie’s mourning of Shona. He cited that Connie is no longer a good actress but rides on the sympathy that she lost her husband.

Musa seemed to share an idea that many fans could not express but feeling. The tweet did not take minutes before it went viral. The majority of the fans agreed with Musa, and some disagreed.

Watch Connie Ferguson’s speech at the DSTV Viewers Choice awards.

Why does Connie Ferguson miss her late husband Shona that much?
Most people would be already moving on after losing a partner a year ago; it’s not the case with Connie Ferguson. She is looking so far away from moving on with another man.

Connie and Shona’s relationship was a model relationship to many of their fans, and it seemed that Connie was the number one fan of her late husband.

Shona was a pillar to Connie, and he helped the actress to be all she is today. He fine-tuned her acting talent and natured her business-wise.

Together they were a formidable team only limited by the sky. They started new businesses, travelled to new places and had children and a strong family. Undoubtedly, Connie is failing to cope alone, and she feels the gap Shona left.

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