Funani finds out Ona is his daughter, what happens to Faith and Zanele?

indafrica June 29, 2022
Updated 2022/06/29 at 9:29 AM

Soapie Prediction

This week the Zwide world is likely to come crushing down as Faith’s Web of lies is destroyed.

As Ona goes back to work, Nkosi will have flashbacks of what really happened the night of the fire and he will see Issac’s face carrying Zobuhle ‘Ona’ out of the house.

These flashbacks will prompt Funani to have Ona’s DNA stolen and tested. Knowing how House of Zwide plays, the DNA might be destroyed as Funani is too transparent with Faith.

Funani will tell Faith about his plans to and this will give Faith an upper hand to subbotage all of Funani’s plans.

Remember there’s a possibility that Faith’s daughter Zanele is Isaac’s daughter but she lied about the rape issue so she could keep her place in the Zwide mansion.

Whilst the truth about Ona’s paternity is out, it also means the truth about Zanele’s real paternity will be forced out too.

Faith will be kicked out of the Zwide family and possibly get arrested for burning the house and murder of Funani’s first wife and partentiny fraud and theft of Ona.

Stay tuned to House Of Zwide and watch the drama unfold.

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