Pics of very young teenagers at Enyobeni Tavern

indafrica June 29, 2022
Updated 2022/06/29 at 7:03 AM

BY Keith Mlauzi

Enyobeni Tavern has been the major talking Point of the week after 21 teenagers died at the night spot.

The tarven in East London, Eastern Cape has since been shut down and is under investigation as in to what caused the death of these young children.

Social media has been abuzz about the issues as most users claimed the tarven is known to be a spot that allows underaged children to consume alcohol and party in the premises.

According to reports, amongst the 21 teenagers that died at the club, the oldest is believed to be 17-years-old while the youngest is 13-year-olds.

Those who were present and survived the tragedy have claimed that some poisonous guy was leaking and most of those who died had inhaled the gas.

Pictures that have now been seen on social media expose Enyobeni as the night spot for you girls. See pictures below.

Investigations as to what was the real cause of the death are still underway.

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