“He should manage his hand” Nota Baloyi goes for Black Coffee’s disability!

indafrica June 30, 2022
Updated 2022/06/30 at 5:20 PM

The issue started when entertainment Blogger Musa Khawula pulled out an old video of Black Coffee chatting with Nasty C and Scoop Makhathini when the trio engaged in a conversation about Zulu Men with Some power.

The video is from March 2021.
The award-winning musicians sat down with Scoop to discuss the serious business side of their careers.

They talked about taking charge and knowing who is taking care of their brand and not letting just anyone manage them.

That’s where the Grammy award winner made it clear that he would not allow Nota to be his manager.
Nasty C mentioned that it’s very important to know all there is to know about his business.

“Something I didn’t do much is how involved I am in my business because I knew I had the best people. Now, moving forward, if you are going to send an email with my name, cc me. That’s all because I am the business.”

Black Coffee also spoke about the importance of hiring those with the best interest at heart for him as a business, and that’s when he mentioned Nota.

“Look at this guy, and he calls himself The Authority. I look at him as a person, but I wouldn’t want to be managed by a guy like that”
Black Coffee with his son Esona – Source: Instagram

Black Coffee, whose real name is Nkosinathi Innocent Maphumulo, wasn’t afraid to speak his mind and said that a person could hire a manager and give him powers to manage their brand but not knowing about their persona and the conversations they have.

Maphumulo noted how important it is to know how the person was managing his brand talks to his clients.

This is where the problem started; Musa headlined his post
“Black Coffee says he wouldn’t trust Nota to manage his brand.”
This prompted Nota to post this comment.

“He should worry about managing his hand, being a good father & not me managing his brand… In his late 40’s & he doesn’t have my accolades or record sales. Where did his advice get Nasty C because Costa Titch has blown him out the water while Scoop is still a deadbeat Dad junkie!”
This response received a lot of backlashes. Tweeps called it a low blow even for him.

Nota Baloyi. Image: IOL
When one tweep told him that he should get ready to get a slap in the face when he runs into Nkosinathi, Nota didn’t yield and said Back Coffee’s career would be over.
“That will be the end of his career, with both hands tied behind his back!”

Nota was called desperate and insensitive, and some asked him how many albums and awards he has.

Nota is known for his controversial posts on social media, and sometimes they get him in trouble.
In May of 2022, on Instagram live, he accused Slikour from Skwatta Kamp of taking advantage of artists who are still trying to make it in the industry.

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