#SkeemSaam: What will happen to Pretty this July

indafrica June 30, 2022
Updated 2022/06/30 at 7:03 AM

On the 27th of June 2022, fans of the SABC 1 tv soapie were sitting on the edge of their seats when the love triangle between Pretty, Lehasa and Khwezikazi went spiraling in directions many did not expect.

The week of the 27th saw the wrongful arrest of Pretty Seakamela who was being accused of stabbing her lover, Lehasa, and holding his fianc é , Khwezi, hostage.

However, all these were crimes committed by Khezi herself, who then tied herself up when she heard the police knock, to make it appear as though Pretty was the mastermind behind everythig that had transpired.

Fans are left wondering what will happen next to Pretty Seakamela as her family was alerted by police and her distraught mother was in disbelief and in denial by the end of the episode.

July 2022 Teasers
With the 11th season of Skeem Sam premiering on the 1st of July 2022, Pretty Seakamela will find herself without a home when Khwezi strikes again.

The news about Lehasa will trigger Mantuli’s heart conditions again and Khwezi’s plan catches her off guard when it backfires. Khwezi will then begin working on plan B when she discovers new information. In the meantime, Mantuli will throw Pretty’s belongings out of the house and Lehasa will request to see his lover upon waking up.

Mantuli will strugge to forgive her daughter, as always, all the while Khwezi plans to completely finish off Pretty. Additionally, Pretty and Lehasa will be taken aback when they find out about Khwezi’s pregnancy.

Interestingly, Detective Peterson will find himself putting cuffs on Khwezi. Following this, Lehasa will devise a lethal plan that will permanently get rid of Khwezi and Pretty will make a decision that will shock her entire family.

Social Media Reactions
This storyline is interesting to many viewers because of the relatability of this love triangle. The month of June will be filed with a lot of jaw dropping news for the viewers, including the return of Magongwa’s eyesight and the return of Meikie Maputla.

Many have compared Khwezi to Lelo Mthiyane who was also a fan favorite known for devising dangerous but exhilarating plans to secure her love interests.

We can only hope that Lehasa’s apartment has a camera installed that Khwezi does not know about, that will also prove Pretty’s innocence.

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  • I hope there is camera in lehasa apartment to prove pretty innocent.khwezi is been running away with many wrong things and her kidnapping pretty and say pretty should confess lies no this is too much on skeem.i was enjoying the spark of pretty n lehasa being romantic showing us the other good side of lehasa

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