Khwezi sets up Pretty, she goes back to jail

indafrica July 2, 2022
Updated 2022/07/02 at 6:29 AM

This evening on skeemSaam. Lovely’s mom is as yet angry in light of the fact that she over heard pretty telling the police and legal advisor that she and Lehasa are back together ,so she made it clear to her family that she would rather not see pretty , her own girl even close to her home.

What a competent sort of a mother of doing this to her own girl at a time where she really wants her the most.

The police presently realizes that pretty was not intruding as Khwezi explanation says. They presently realize that they arranged an end of the week together. Khwezi will be captured soon or later.

Khwezi text pretty to come to the emergency clinic professing to be Lehasa , she turned off the machine with the goal that Lehasa can kick the bucket then, at that point, put all the fault to pretty.

Online entertainment was left enraged after this scene , individuals want to eat Khwezi alive right now. See remarks underneath
Lehasa’s uncle additionally accept that pretty didn’t make it happen.

He requested to meet with pretty yet sadly beautiful went to the clinic as opposed to meeting with him.
How about we all calmly hang tight for Monday.

As a peruser. Do you believe Lehasa should awaken or bite the dust. Do you believe pretty’s mom will at any point pardon her.

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