Khanyi Mbau celebrates 1 year anniversary staying in Dubai while her 15 year old daughter lives alone in Joburg

indafrica July 3, 2022
Updated 2022/07/03 at 3:20 PM

It is unbelievably 365 days since Khanyi Mbau left SA with her Zimbabwean boyfriend to live in Dubai. When they left, people were all in awe over the luxurious lifestyle that her man was providing for her in one of the most tourist attraction countries in Africa.

Khanyi left her man at one point and to this day, no one knows what made Khanyi leave so suddenly. After leaving, people thought they broke up and she even made a diss song called Shiy’ indoda e Dubai.

Not after a long while, Khanyi was back in her man’s loving arms again leaving the country confused.
Khanyi and Kudzai celebrated their first anniversary in distance earlier in the year when Khanyi was stuck in SA because of the travel ban caused by the omicron variant but when the ban was lifted she then travelled back to her man once more.

In a conversation with Annie on a Netflix series called Rich, Famous and African, Khanyi told everyone that her daughter has her own apartment and that she lives alone in there.

She received a lot of backlash as people were saying how can a 15 year old live alone but Khanyi was adamant by saying she is the mom she wished she could have had while growing up.

Khanyi visits SA every once in a while but it is shocking that she did not only leave her daughter to live in her own apartment but travelled so far to live with a man.

She said on her Instagram post that she wishes for many more years living with him in Dubai but one cannot ignore that her daughter might need her mom close by during her teenage years.

Do you think Khanyi will raise a daughter that is thankful for the independence her mom taught her or that she will have anger that she was abandoned for a luxurious lifestyle?

Comment down with your thoughts.

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  • Most tenagers wishes that they could have the same bond that khanyi has with her daughter, so if they both like their relationship and no complaint are made, then everything is all well

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