SEE: Video Of lady without arms and drives her car using legs

indafrica July 4, 2022
Updated 2022/07/04 at 7:03 PM

Instead of worrying about what she can’t do with no hands, a physically challenged lady has impressed
people with the things she’s able to carry out with her legs.

The lady without hands has amassed a large following on TikTok where she shares videos of her activities and things she does with her feet.
She drove the car with her feet.

In one of her newest videos , the lady with the handle @itskashmiere1 proudly showcased how she drives a car with her feet.
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While a lady recorded her, proudly showcased how she drives a car with her feet.

She placed her right leg on the brake and ignited the whip with her left leg. With her right leg still on the brake, she controls the steering wheel with her left leg.

After being reminded by the recorder about putting on her seat belt, the lady again used her feet to do this.

Watch the video below:
Mixed reactions trail the video
Jessica George said:
“Wow such an inspirational person. If she can drive with no arms then I can go and practice for the test and get my licence. May God continue to bless her in everything she does in life.”

Lorenzo Deliso said:
“I have no doubt that an armless woman can drive a car. I just want to know how she wipes. Now THAT’S where I have doubts that she CAN’T do it alone.”

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Margie Houston said:
“Beautiful and unique gift from God. You know nothing can stop a strong and smart woman of God. Where there is a will, God surely bless His children.”

D*ick Moore said:
“I commend her for doing this and being independent, this to me is very dangerous. Dangerous for her and others. There is no way in an emergency situation she could avoid a collision. She is remarkable though for being able to do this.”

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