Real Reason why Funani lied to Nkosi about Ona’s DNA results

indafrica July 7, 2022
Updated 2022/07/07 at 6:33 AM

Many viewers were left angered after Wednesday’s episode of House of Zwide took another twist with Funani lying to Nkosi about Ona’s paternity test results.

Funani had prior received the DNA results which proved Ona was his child, but they are times when a man needs to really think deep about his actions before going ahead with them.

This is a very sensitive issue which Funani could not just let the cat out of the bag because it would destroy a lot of families and his plan to win his daughter back will be jeopardised.

As a way to protect his plan Funani had to lie to Nkosi so he can embark on this journey all alone and fix the whole mess alone.

Funani will now go and confront Isaac about Ona being his daughter (Zobuhle) right infront of Rea.

On Friday, the two family will get involved in an ugly which will result in Funani firing a gun at Isaac.

Meanwhile Faith will try to cover up all her tricks by throwing Isaac under the a bus but it won’t work because Funani already knows the whole truth and he’ll confront her about everything.

Does this mean the end of Faith’s marriage, and Zwide life style? All this will be covered in the new season of House of Zwide which begun earlier this week.

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