Another video of SK Khoza having a blast on his birthday

indafrica July 8, 2022
Updated 2022/07/08 at 6:32 AM

SK ‘Shaka’ Khoza doesn’t run out of ways to keep his fans entertained. He was in yet another drama involving a leaked tape with beddroom content. He is at it again, this time during his birthday.

Khoza gave a blazé response to this and told people to mind their business and get off of his.

Now a tape of him dancing around enjoying himself is making rounds online, making people more nervous about him.

Khoza is believed to have given up on his career, and people think he seriously needs help.

SK celebrated his birthday on the 1st of July, and he also looked very excited and happy there.

The guy looks like he is within his element. He was celebrating Luma Sunset in Durban last night and didn’t have a care in the world. Shaka was dressed to the nines in a fitted beige suit.

He was singing, standing on the table and sticking his tongue at the guests.

The point is, while everyone was crazy over the leaked video, the actor was shopping around and preparing to take a flight to KZN for the same Birthday party.

What is interesting right now is the attention he is receiving from his fans, who are seemingly cheering him on for the leaked adult video. He seems to have gained a whole new load of fans who have created memes about the video.

“My birthday is next month someone book Sk Khoza for me 🤗” One tweep wrote
Everything doesn’t seem to be in order in the SK world.

A debate has ensued about morals on social media since yesterday’s scandal, and fans are split.
Some believe that Khoza is an adult living his life the way he chooses, while some think that he is a role model to young kids aspiring to be actors and that he should be responsible.

We are all still trying to come to terms with yesterday’s scandal, and Khoza is still trending on social media and is being hailed king for how he dealt with the whole situation.

Sthembiso is the older brother of Abdul Khoza, who plays Nqoba on The Wife and SK’s fans think his family is worried about him.

The video from last night at his Birthday party speaks volumes about how he feels regarding the situation.

Watch the video below of SK Khoza having the time of his life last night during birthday celebrations:

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