Salaries, House of Zwide actress ‘Nambitha’s salary stuns Mzansi

indafrica July 8, 2022
Updated 2022/07/08 at 9:01 AM

Salaries, House of Zwide actress Sikelelwa Vuyeleni ‘Nambitha’s salary stuns Mzansi

Funani Zwide’s announcement of the new design assistant for the fashion house left a lot of House of Zwide viewers stunned with their jaws to the floor.

Given that Funani had gotten the test results back and now that Ona was his daughter, fans hoped he would give the job to Nambitha or Sandile. Nambitha has a mother to care for now that the de Villiers are no longer helping with finances.

Nambitha may have started out as a girl from the suburbs because her mother worked for a very generous family. However, things changed back home, leaving her to be independent.

She hoped to land the designer job so she could take care of her family, but yesterday her dreams came crashing down. After the show, she went to the Zwide mansion to try and talk to Funani but got Faith and cried her heart out.

Faith, however, promised Nambitha that the fashion house would take care of its own. She promised not to leave her out and look for a job for her with other fashion houses.

This made Nambitha cry more because she hoped to work for the formidable Funani Zwide.

That chance, however, seems to no longer be possible for the time being as Funani is busy with his personal issues. Whether this is the last we see of Nambitha is yet to be announced.

In the wake of the news that she did not get the job, many fans have been wondering how much the actress who plays Nambitha earns for her role. Some soapies leak the remuneration they give their actors per scene and episode.

According to this news, the actress takes home a net salary of R30 000 to R40 00 depending on the number of scenes she plays during the month.
Many Television viewers may know Sikelelwa from her debut role on Traffic, where she played the street kid Zen.

She made serious career moves as she went on to hold one of the lead roles of Thando on Hope which showed on Moja Love. Vuyeleni also had roles in Isikizi, Ingozi yothando and many others before House of Zwide . At 23, her career has been impressive, and she has an illustrious career ahead of her.

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