Why only was there 19 empty coffins and only 2 Enyobeni Tavern teenagers were burried

indafrica July 8, 2022
Updated 2022/07/08 at 3:37 PM

Only two of the 21 teemagers were buried after the service but 19 empty coffins were laid out for the ceremony.

This is after some of the families chose to bury their loved ones privately, so there is no way that they will be thawed for the service and returned back.

We’re talking about a situation that has happened here with many members of the public sympathizing with the families of the bereaved, no one can really understand what happened in the incident.

As we speak the authorities are still investigating this matter thoroughly in order to find out exactly what happened, so that they can at least give families some information for them to get some closure from there.

We have to understand that so many people have died at one time and it is something that is definitely difficult to explain, and we have never seen something like this before and initially we thought it was a stampeed.

We thought yhat is why the children have suddenly collapsed while they were drinking at the establishment, so preliminary investigations had been conducted discovering that all children did not have any phones on their bodies to suggest the stampede.

So they simply died and there’s nothing that can show how it even happened, so the investigators moved on to the hypothesis that perhaps the children could have died from the fumes of the generator because they can be very dangerous.

That is one explanation that many people were ready to accept but what struck people as very weird is the fact that the funeral service had been conducted with empty coffins and not only that but not all the children were buried in that same day.

Which is a little bit peculiar but it is something that we can expect from the South African government to put up appearance instead of doing the work, now it is clear that nobody was inside the coffins.

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