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Fallen artists should not be forgotten, they lived their lives trying to make sure that we are all happy through providing us with good music.

Besides performing, the main job of an artist is to come up with relevant music that people will love and appreciate. Mashesha was one of the musicians who always gave us their best when it came to composing and recording music.

I strongly believe that if R Mashesha was never born on this earth, we would have never known a Kwaito group called Big Nuz. To prove this, google how long the group survived after Mashesha died .

“Big Nuz is a South African Kwaito trio from Durban, KwaZulu-Natal, founded in 2002. The group is composed of three members known by their stage names Mampintsha, R Mashesha, and Danger.

The founding members grew up together in the township of Umlazi. The naming of the group was inspired by “NUZ”, which is the licence plate prefix for all vehicles registered in Umlazi.”

I think we owe it to him to keep his name and legacy alive, he was a South African icon and deserves to be remembered for his contribution in the South African Kwaito music. R Mashesha was a great musician, he helped put Durban music on the map.

“Member of Kwaito group Big Nuz and Umlilo hitmaker R Mashesha, real name Sibusiso Khomo, passed away on Friday 7 August 2015.”

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