SEE How Mbali aims for Philani’s head

indafrica July 12, 2022
Updated 2022/07/12 at 2:31 PM

The truth is Mbali has been in trouble emotionally and mentally since the fire at the Holly House, and now she is about to unravel.

Last week we saw the level of damage the incident at the Holly House did Mbali.

She witnessed her friends nearly getting burned, and some died from smoke inhalations. She has been depressed and reading about death. She failed her matric semesters, and she attacked Gugu like a cat, but Gugu deserved it.

Lucy’s attempts to bring her back from the wilderness have failed, and now, Mbali is about to kill Philani.

In the newly released videos, Mbali somehow gets a hold of a gun, and then we see her pointing it at Philani, who is in the parking lot, while Lucy is losing her mind searching for her.

Nkosiyabo and Kabisi get into it after Nkosiyabo takes a hit on the older man as a warning.

The last time we saw Kabisi, a man holding a weapon was standing behind him, about to knock him out.
It looks like that warning failed, and now Kabisi is on the warpath. Nkosiyabo tells Sphe that the disrespect Kabisi has shown him is unforgivable.

Kabisi and Philani were planning to get Nkosi arrested, and Sphe warned him about this.

Philani goes after a serial killer on Generations: The Legacy – Source: Instagram/Generations
Lelethu spies on a conversation between Pam and Sphe and uses it to his advantage.

Pam was supposed to do a piece about Winston, and Sphe’s a debacle and retracted, and now Lelethu is gunning for that same story.
Speaking of Pamela, her men’s problems continue to cause her distress.

Luyolo wants nothing to do with her after learning that she cheats on him with Lelethu. It’s up to her if she decides to stay with Lelethu or Chavez after Dr Dzedze.

Lelethu, on the other hand, is developing real feelings for the tenacious Pam.

Mazwi lays down the law on Kabisi because Mkhulu doesn’t listen to anything he is told, and this causes tension between these two men. Fikile feels sidelined because Mazwi doesn’t divulge any information about anything.

The question is, what is Mazwi hiding from Fikile. Sphe is strong on top of a deadly secret about Winston, and it is slipping through the cracks little by little and all will be revealed soon.

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