SEE: Khwezi goes to jail and Leshole is shocked to see who Kgothatso’s baby daddy is

indafrica July 12, 2022
Updated 2022/07/12 at 7:17 AM

In a shocking twist, Khwezi goes to jail, and Leshole is shocked to see who Kgothatso’s baby daddy is this week on Skeem Saam!

The walls start to close for Khwezi, and this week we all get to see Peterson put those handcuffs on her.
This week promises to bring the heat.

As we all know by now, Lehasa woke up on Friday and made fans of the show very happy when the first word he uttered was “Pretty”.

Khwezi has been trying to get rid of Pretty permanently. On Friday, she attempted to hire the services of Craig, the abalone guy, but that didn’t go well because Craig declined.

This week Khwezi will see the jailhouse.

Pretty and the Beast

In the video, she is seen calling from jail. Khwezi uses that one phone call to arrange a hit for Pretty.

In the teasers released for this week, it is said that Khwezi’s pregnancy will shock Lehasa and Pretty and that Lehasa will come up with a lethal plan to deal with Khwezi. We all know that no one is as lethal as Lehasa; just ask Fanie Maseromole.

MaNtuli struggles to come to terms with what has transpired in her life.
If you have forgotten, let me remind you.

She suffered a minor heart attack after a false alarm went viral about Lehasa’s death.

Julie thought Pretty would go to jail for murder since the whole family believed Pretty stabbed Lehasa.
Meikie helped MaNtuli go to the hospital, which set the ball rolling on what was coming next.

MaNtuli will go for counselling.
Meikie shot MaNtuli and Zamokuhle, and she never went for counselling. Last week Meikie went to see her after getting released from the hospital, and you could cut the tension with a knife between them.

Julie falls apart at work, and that’s why she ends up needing to go for counselling.

Leshole, the Pilot

Leshole only returned a few days ago, and it has been a daily drama.
He trended for days on social media to make Kgothatso pay 50% of the bill on their first date. That was shocking!

The two ended up resolving their differences, but Kgothatso is now dropping the L-word on Leshole, and this week we all find out that Kgothatso’s baby daddy is someone we all know.

Whoever it is, makes Leshole so insecure he starts accusing Kgothatso of cheating on him, and he also starts to spend too much money on her.
The drama is galore, and you don’t want to miss Skeem Saam this week; keep it locked on SABC1 every weeknight at 18h00.

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