Skeem Saam: More troubles brew for Lehasa Maphosa

indafrica July 15, 2022
Updated 2022/07/15 at 12:17 PM

Phomolo was talking to Leeto trying to make him understand why Lehasa wants to help Khwezi to get a lawyer when Phumeza came in the door and heard news that she was not supposed to hear.

Phomolo had just told Leeto that Khwezi is pregnant and Phumeza just walked in through the door.

Phumeza stayed there for a second and then started to talk to them. She was surprised that Khwezi was pregnant.

Phomolo got mad and went to her, he asked her who she was and she said that she was Lehasa’s friend. Leeto knows too well that Phumeza is a journalist who would write anything just for her story to get attractive.

Phomolo did not know what to say to Phumeza because he knew that she was a journalist.

Phumeza told Phomolo that even if he does not tell her anything, she will write the story in a way that suits her unless he was willing to talk.


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