List of Generations Actors Whose Careers Went Down The Drain

indafrica July 16, 2022
Updated 2022/07/16 at 10:22 AM

Generations is ranked one of the biggest soapies to have ever played on our Television screens. It is considered to have hosted some of the finest actors and actresses in South Africa.

Fortunately, some of the actors/actresses are still I’m the industry while some have lost their careers down the drain.

They couldn’t live up to the expectations and their acting careers died eventually.

Here are some of the actors and actresses whose careers went down the drain just like that:

1. Thabiso Mokhethi (sam)

Thabiso Mokhethi was one of the most talented actors on the show; famously known as ‘Samuel Khumalo’ on the old Generations. He was often addressed as Sam.

This South African actor was one of the most talented actors you could find in Mzansi at that time. Not only was he good at acting, but he was also a TV presenter and also an entrepreneur. He was with the Generations family for six years, from 2005 to 2011.

The most arousing part was when he got married to Sharon (played by Kagiso Rakosa), these two went through trials and tribulations before they could find love. Thabiso also got the opportunity to act the role of being a brother to Ntombi (played by Sonia Mbele). The audience enjoyed watching him back in the day.

2. Sipho Ngwenya (Ajax)

Sipho Ngwenya was one of South Africa’s favourite actors during the old SABC1 soapie ‘Generations’.

As a South African actor; Sipho originally hails from Kimberly, Northern Cape, but later moved to Johannesburg. Sipho took his siblings with him; he did this at a very young age. He furthered his studies in Johannesburg.

Sipho received the opportunity to play the role of ‘Ajax’ back in 2016. This was his most significant achievement ever since he began his acting career.

The character that he played made him famous and people used to love him and also desired to see him more in other shows. To this day, Generations is still remembered as one of the most popular soap operas.

3. Kagiso Rakosa (Sharon)

Kagiso Rasoka is a South African actress who was one of Mzansi’s favourite actresses and she’s still remembered as the outgoing actress who kept Mzansi entertained during the glory days of the old ‘Generations’.

Kagiso was famously known as ‘Sharon’ and she appeared on the show for six years; starting from 2005 to 2011. However, Sharon mysteriously left the soap opera and this made so many people worry about her whereabouts.

Most of her fans asked questions regarding her whereabouts without finding any answers. The reason why Kagiso Rasoka left the show is still not known. However, in 2014; Sharon starred a role as Andiswa Mlaba, the sister of Detective Lungi Mlaba on the eKasi+ detective drama series Traffic.

Fortunately enough, you can still find her on all of her social media platforms and she’s open to anything.

4. Genevieve Howard (Grace)

Genevieve Howard is a South African actress, radio presenter, model and actress. She was born on the 27 of August 1979; She is popular with television viewers for appearing on the SABC1 soap opera Generations.

Most people didn’t realize that this woman is a woman of many talents. Genevieve Howard is a presenter, radio actress, an actress and a model. She’s famously known for playing the role of ‘Grace Mashaba’ in the old SABC1 soapie ‘Generations’.

She was a daughter to the great, undisputable Kenneth Mashaba’ who was a bitter rival of Jack Maboso( acted by Vusi Kunene).


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