SEE How Ona will react to being Funani’s daughter

indafrica July 16, 2022
Updated 2022/07/16 at 6:41 PM

What Funani did not know is that his wife Faith (Winnie Ntshaba) is responsible for all this chaos and tragedy.

She was Funani’s mistress at the time and in a jealous rage, she murdered Busi and called her then-boyfriend Isaac to get rid of the evidence.

The more Funani digs, the closer he’ll get to that truth, which will threaten to destroy his marriage.

What’s also concerning is that now that Funani knows that Ona is his long-lost Nobuhle, he’ll go to extreme lengths to bring her back home and get Isaac arrested for his crime.

Ona is going to go through pain and anger. She is going to ask herself questions such as ‘who am I?’ She’ll question a lot about her identity and where she belongs.

Now Ona has a lot of introspection ahead of her for season 2! This is set to be an interesting journey. Ona is not known for bottling emotions.


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