Girls in Zimbabwe using cow dung as sanitary pads

indafrica July 17, 2022
Updated 2022/07/17 at 2:38 AM

Girls in rural Zimbabwe are forced to use cow dung for sanitary wear as inflation hits feminine hygiene products.

Local media in Zimbabwe are reporting that young girls in rural areas are reportedly using old blankets, old rags and even cow dung during their menstrual cycles because they have no access to sanitary wear, due to the high prices of basic human needs in the southern Africa country, Zimbabwe’s Newsday reported.

The Zimbabwe Coalition on Debt Development (Zimcodd) has made some very shocking observations that should jolt the nation out of the debilitating stupor that is currently fogging its conscience, writes news website Zimbabwe Situation.

In one of its latest findings, Zimcodd noted that: “Women and girls face numerous challenges in managing their menstrual cycle as pads and other supplies may be unavailable or unaffordable.

Many women without access to menstrual products improvise with old blankets, toilet paper, rags, newspapers, mud and even cow dung.”

The cheapest packet of 10 sanitary pads now costs between US$1.50 to US$2 (R25-R34), while very expensive brands can cost up to US$10 (around R169) a packet, a Newsday survey revealed.

In another shocking revelation pertaining to the crippling effects of the global economic pricing crisis, Kenyans are heading into the forest in search of charcoal as high fuel prices continue to choke the country amid a global economic crisis.

AP reported this week that locals neighbouring government forests are illegally logging and kilning protected forests to earn an income. Consumers in rural homes, towns and cities, meanwhile, are looking for alternative fuel to cushion the high price of cooking gas.

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  • I think if all producers of sanitary pad can unite and provide zimb for free as menstrual cycle is involuntary and this may help build confidence to the zim ladies

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