Mzansi celebrities who are younger but look older on screen

indafrica July 17, 2022
Updated 2022/07/17 at 1:11 PM

While some famous people seem younger than they are, there are many more who appear older than they are. Sometimes it’s because they have to dress and act older for some of the roles they perform on television or film.

Most famous people started their careers young, which caused them to mature earlier.

Some of them struggled as children and had to put in a lot of effort before getting their big break. Listed below are some South African celebrities who look older than they are.

1. Ntombifuthi Dlamini

She is primarily recognized as Mrs. Madlala from the well-liked soap opera Uzalo. Ntombifuthi portrays Mrs. Madlala, a gossip-loving church lady. Also a fan of young boys known as Ben 10s is Mrs. Madlala.

Ntombifuthi’s portrays an older age, yet on January 21, this year, the actress turned 37. (2022).

2. Makhadzi

Makhadzi has a lot of talent, that much is true. Makhadzi is a talented artist who has amassed a sizable following not only in Mzansi but also in other African nations. The news that the singer is still in her 20s stunned Mzansi. In 2017, Makhadzi turned 25 years old, and in 2022, she will turn 26.

3. Gugu Gumede

Actress Gugu Gumede is well-known for playing Mamlambo in the film Uzalo. Gugu performs the part of Mamlambo, a churchgoer with a gift for serving people.

Mamlambo is a straightforward person with a kind heart. The gorgeous actress’s fashion sense is playful in real life, in contrast to the lengthy skirts and headscarves she frequently dons on the show that make her appear older. Gugu Gumede is 30 years old right now.

4. Nompumelelo Vilakazi

She is a rapidly growing star whose fame increased as a result of her first on-screen appearance in DiepCity as Snenhlanhla “Sne.”

Nompumelelo, who is only 24 years old, will be 25 on October 20 of this year (2022).

5. Master Kg

Kgaugelo Moagi, better known by his stage moniker Master Kg, is his actual name. In Tzaneen, Limpopo, Master Kg was born on January 31, 1996. Most people were shocked to hear that the musician, who appears older on film, is actually rather young at 26 years old.

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