etvScandal! Jojo finally discovers all of Mbali’s lies

indafrica July 18, 2022
Updated 2022/07/18 at 9:29 AM

The chickens are finally coming to roast for a woman who built her marriage on a web of lies.

Mbali has always been able to play her cards well and manipulate the Kubeka family but she won’t see this one coming.

This week she runs out of luck as her husband who is desperate for an investor decides to stalk his purposed Father Inlaw (Uncle Jakes).

Upon him following Uncle Jakes, Jojo discovers the whole truth as the trail leads him to a lokshin not to a surburb which he expected.

This will force Jojo to invest much into investigating Mbali’s family and when all the pieces of the puzzle start to match up. Mbali picks up the hints but her chances of creating another web of lies will fall flat after her family decides not to take part into it.

Now what will Jojo do after finding out about this whole truth? What happens to his maŕriage with Mbali ?

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