SEE What Ona will do after Funani shows her DNA results tonight

indafrica July 18, 2022
Updated 2022/07/18 at 6:41 AM

This Monday Its Tears Everywhere! Ona And Rea Are In A Lot Of Pain After Learning The Truth About Ona And What Isaac Did

This coming Monday it’s gonna be tears everywhere. Ona And Rea are in a lot of pain after learning the truth about Ona and what Isaac did.

Everything will just be too heavy for them to digest and accept. The truth is really hurting both of them.

Faith took advantage of Isaac’s love. She knew that Isaac loved her, she then persuaded him to cover her evil deeds. But this time around Isaac got tired of Faith’s manipulation and recorded her confesion.

Faith’s confession will put her in jail for a very long time. She was beaten at her own game.

Faith wanted Isaac to rot in jail while she continues to live her lavish life like nothing happened whereas she is actually the one who committed the murder.

I know Isaac did a bad thing but a great thing came out of this ordeal. He raised Ona very well. Funani should forgive Isaac.

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  • Isaac must be forgiven…Although he was wrong but he savwd an innocent soul and raised it like his own…What he did was out of love for faith..But Faith took an advantage of his innocent love by manipulating Isaac..Faith must rott in jail..Poor Ona must live a lavishing life with his father having the same spark of design together

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