Getting to know more about Nefisa Mkhabela Onalerona on House Of Zwide

indafrica July 20, 2022
Updated 2022/07/20 at 6:34 AM

In Pictures, House of Zwide actress Nefisa Mkhabela ‘Onalerona’s lavish lifestyle impress Mzansi.

Nefisa Mkhabela had been trending on the internet since the truth on House of Zwide started threatening to come out.

The actress who brings the character of Ona to life has shown immense talent in her acting as she goes through discovering that her whole life had been a lie.

This has caused the viewership of House of Zwide to shoot up in the past weeks as people are curious to know what follows.

Nefisa Mkhabela as Ona in House of Zwide Ona has just discovered that Isaac is not her father despite growing up being told he was.

The worst part is Isaac kidnapped her from a burning house, and she was the biological daughter of her boss at work, who had been missing for 20 years.

In real life, the actress’s life is less dramatic than her on-screen one, and even though she barely posts about her family, the actress lives a comfortable life suitable for a star.

The role in House of Zwide is Nefisa Mkhabela’s second role and the most prominent role of her career so far.

The actress was part of the Unmarried cast playing the role of Mbali, which was a small role but significant enough for other showrunners to start noticing her.

Given that her role in House of Zwide is one of the lead roles, the actress is paid handsomely for her talent and time.

Nefisa Mkhabela’s cars

Nefisa is currently rumoured to be worth R2 million, most of that coming from her acting job. The actress is already driving around in luxurious cars and owns a white Audi that she has shown off on her Instagram page.

Nefisa also sometimes shows off a black Range Rover, but her followers are unsure whether it belongs to the actress.

Mkhabela likes travelling on vacations

Anyone who follows Nefisa Mkhabela knows she is a big fan of travelling and sightseeing through her Instagram.

The actress has yet to show off trips outside the country, but she has already been to different places in KZN and Gauteng on vacations. Her modelling career also helps with the beautiful places Nefisa travels to because sometimes it’s for work.

Nefisa’s expensive hairstyles
When one thinks of Nefisa, one usually thinks of hair and how much she switches up her styles from time to time.

Changing hair as much as Nefisa does costs a lot of money, and the actress is usually in a new class now and then. Her role on Television is typically braided, but when Mkhabela is offscreen, she likes to switch up to expensive weaves and wigs, which cost thousands of rands.

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