SEE: House of Zwide actor Khaya Dladla Laz shows off new R1 million car

indafrica July 21, 2022
Updated 2022/07/21 at 7:07 AM

In Pictures, House of Zwide actor Khaya Dladla ‘Laz’ shows off a new R1 million car.

South African actor Khaya Dladla rose to fame and popularity when he landed a role in Uzalo , playing the unforgettable role of GZ before being fired. Currently, the actor is a household name with his role as Laz in House of Zwide .

He takes on the role of Funani Zwide’s most trusted right-hand man. The role makes the actor show off his killer fashion instincts and on-point makeup.

Khaya as Laz in House of Zwide
Laz runs the House of Zwide interns with a tight yet friendly fist. He is the type of boss that most people would love to hate. When one’s designs are not good, Laz would not sugarcoat the truth but say it as it is.

However, since Ona came to the fashion house the first time, he loved her talent and spirit. The other interns hated that Laz had a soft spot for Ona as her design talent was natural.

Laz has found himself in a tight place as Pearl falls in love with the man Laz paid to wine and dine her. He is torn between telling the truth and letting it unfold in its own time.

House of Zwide actor Khaya Dladla buys a new car

Khaya Dladla, the actor who takes on the role of Laz, is equally stylish in real life. The actor loves the soft life and works hard to get it. Today he took to Instagram to show his new Mercedes Benz to his fans. Khaya shared a picture of himself beside a luxurious blue car. The car is a Mercedes Benz C class, costing an estimated R1 million on the market.

Dladla went on to shoot videos inside his car after picking it up, which gave us a peek at the interior. The car has black leather seats and a slick interior that screams luxury. To top it off, the vehicle also has a panoramic sunroof and is also a convertible.

Last year, the actor also got a luxurious BMW in July that is white. Khaya’s collection of cars is impressive and worth millions of rands.

Latest news on Khaya Dladla
Recently the actor has been in the news as he was rumoured to be separating from his husband. This news broke out after he unfollowed and deleted their pictures together from his social media accounts. The actor has been mum on the news and has not commented on the issue. However, if he is buying cars and showing that he is happy, so are his fans.

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