#etvScandal: Jojo takes Mbali for a date at her House in lokshin

indafrica July 22, 2022
Updated 2022/07/22 at 8:17 AM

Jojo is a man on a mission and will not rest until he discovers the truth.

After following Uncle Jakes, now Jojo will force Mbali to explain how they live at the ghetto.

Tonight he will tell her that they are going out on a date and she must get ready because its a surprise.

This time around the walls are really closing up for Mbali amd there’s no way to run and hide as she realizes that Jojo knows the truth about her fake rich family and how she manipulated her way into the Kubeka family.

The family lie will not be the breaking point for Jojo as it is a forgivable sin, but when he later realizes that he was raped and Mbali isn’t pregnant at all.

Mbali tries to talk to her family to save her from the disgraceful fall she’s about to encounter but her family isn’t coming to the party. Everyone is tired of her lies and wants nothing to do with the scheme anymore.

What happens next? Will Jojo turn into a monster and kick Mbali out or he will be the usual understanding Jojo and forgive her to save his marriage?

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