How Ayanda and Nkosiyabo get caught doing it for the last time

indafrica July 23, 2022
Updated 2022/07/23 at 6:14 AM

Nkosiyabo found it difficult to let Ayanda on deciding to end their relationship which might cause a huge sadness for many people if the truth might come out, this time Ayanda is having enough of this and she wants this thing to end.

But it took Nkosiyabo to lie again so that he can save his relationship and now he booked the hotel in Capetown for Ayanda so that he can have good times with her, and Ayanda thought it is work related because they have booked it at Ezweni by her daughter.

But she got a surprise in Cape Town when Nkosiyabo arrives in her hotel room.

His words last night caused huge frustration for Ayanda because she doesn’t know who to choose anymore.

After all, the guy still pushes for this thing to work and Pele on the other side is trying to impress his wife.

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