List of actors who’ve been attacked by fans

indafrica July 23, 2022
Updated 2022/07/23 at 12:48 PM

Because of some people’s persistent inability to discern between characters who appear on film and those who do not, several of our favorite performers have been harassed by irate fans.

A role that a particular actor plays in accordance with the story that is given to them in a movie or television drama is known as an on-screen character. It’s just a performance.

The performers we watch on television just carry out their daily jobs. When they are not working, they have normal lives.

Enraged viewers who don’t realize that what happens on a television drama doesn’t actually happen usually deal with the harsh characters on screen.

Just a few of the numerous performers who have endured various types of abuse and harassment because of the characters they portray are included below.

1. Lerato Marabe

Lerato Marabe became well-known thanks to her depiction of Pretty Seakamela on Skeem Saam. Some viewers did not like how Pretty treated Leshole when they were both in high school. As a result, the actress was slapped while eating at KFC with her pals.

2. Zonke Mchunu

Actress Zonke Mchunu plays Imani Nkosi on Muvhango. She wrecks houses. She keeps upsetting relationships in the name of love.

She abducted James from Marang, her cousin Seretse’s boyfriend, and her aunt’s husband; Ranthumeng. Zonke was attacked by a jealous admirer who was determined to damage her face; she came dangerously close to poking her eye but was spared by a man who noticed anything was off.

3. Nkanyiso Makhanya

The role of Njeza on Uzalo is most known for actor Nkanyiso Makhanya. Njeza’s mistreatment of Nosipho in recent events broke people’s hearts.

Some of the actor’s fans reportedly attacked him in a neighboring mall, according to sources. They slapped him and warned him not to hit ladies anymore.

It is regrettable that actors experience harassment for playing villainous roles when their primary objective is to entertain people.

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