More Sad and painful news fo Onalerona

indafrica July 24, 2022
Updated 2022/07/24 at 7:00 AM

Cash makes you insane” expressed Lefa to Nkosi, after they had a little battle. Funani and Rea are exceptionally stressed over Onalerona whereabouts, they didn’t find.

At long last, Rea got a message from Ona saying she is protected, Rea and Funani are feeling better. They were so glad to hear the uplifting news, they even embraced one another.

Shoki couldn’t really accept that what occurred, she can hardly comprehend what Onalerona is going through.

Onalerona is as yet confounded about the family that raised her and her genuine family. She finds it hard to comprehend what is happening in her life, Soka told her not to stress since family will be family, regardless of whether you are not related by blood.

Ona was prepared to break her virginity yet Soka didn’t believe she should accept choice while she is personal. He said he would rather not seem to be a person that makes use, Ona needs to be cherished.

Nkosi believes that Dorothy should quit dating Lefa due to the battle he had with Lefa.

Dorothy imparted the news to Zanele, trusting Zanele comprehends she can not simply dump Lefa as a result of Nkosi. “What’s your arrangement, you can not stow away until the end of time.

You jav” Soka asked Ona, “When I return, who am I?” Ona answered. Soka let Ona know whether she returns to where she grew up or where her natural dad resides, that is only a mark.

Ona got back, she embraced her family and said “I would rather not leave, I need to remain here with you”. It seems to be Mrs Zwide isn’t having a great time in prison, “I need to leave, this isn’t a spot reasonable for an individual. I need to return home, I need to leave” said Mrs Zwide.

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