Serious troubles for Preety as she chooses to be Mrs Maphosa

indafrica July 24, 2022
Updated 2022/07/24 at 7:05 AM

Mantuli is talking about mental health as if she does she know what she has done to others. MaNtuli saying she’s choosing her mental health and shw about Pretty’s mental health when she treats her the way she does.

“I choose myself and my mental health” says MaNtuli who does nothing but compromise her kids’ mental health every other week. We hope MaNtuli’s counselling sessions help her deal with the positive and negative consequences of her choices.

Pretty has really destroyed her life all for a man. Pretty must just go back home or go to Lehasa, there is no other option.

It heartbreaking to see Eunice’s dad kicking Pretty just like this after she convinced Lehasa to forgive Eunice.

Solomon forget that Pretty was there for his daughter and she supported her after she acted as if she does not know her when she was still blowing Lehasa’s money.

Khwezi got Lehasa’s uncle exactly where he needs him. Phomolo could have at least waited for Lehasa to end the call before he interrupt the call. Pretty is soon to be homeless because of Lehasa.

She has sacrifices and invested a lot to be with Lehasa. Lehasa Love Pretty but Khwezi is the one who is standing between their happiness. She is using a baby to get Lehasa where she want him.

Khwezi got the Maphosas right where she want them. Khwezi is on a mission to secure the bag. Lehasa invited this problem by bringing Khwezi into his life and he must deal with it.


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