Thando Sebata is out: Jessica Nkosi exits The Queen

indafrica July 24, 2022
Updated 2022/07/24 at 11:42 AM

Thando Sebata is out: Actress Jessica Nkosi’s emotional farewell as she left The Queen.Jessica Nkosi joined the Queen playing the role of Thando Sebata, a no-nonsense and ruthless young lady. On the Show, Thando was famous for her ability to use a gun against her enemies without hesitation.She was that gangster lady who grew up aware of both the criminal world and the legal world. Thando learned from his father, a corrupt police officer who controlled the sale of drugs in Johannesburg.

As events unfolded, Thando lost her touch and character as her father decided to live a sober life and marry her family enemy Harriet Khoza , leaving Thando with no enemies to hurt.As a result, she finds herself unoccupied and bored staying at the Khoza mansion doing nothing. She decided to go out as she met Bhambata, Brutus’ son. The young couple fought to get to their marriage that did not last due to Thando’s death.There has never been peace in The Queen than a few hours before Thando’s death. Her love with Bhambata had united Harriet, Brutus, Hector and other drug lords like Dollar.Despite most of the people being happy at the party at Noma’s, Hector and Harriet were nursing a divorce. On the other side, Cebo and Majali were planning to kill Harriet for going around Brutus at the Khoza trucking. set for a celebration, Harriet had hired a snipper while Majali and Cebo brought a gun to kill Harriet.While Harriet and Hector are faking a happy marriage, a snipper puts the bullet into Hector’s chest, getting a commission. At that moment, Thando canes out and meets Cebo and Majali with a gun and shoots Majali. In defence, Cebo put a bullet into Thando and died.Upon leaving the Show, Jessica thanked the late Shona and Connie Ferguson for trusting with the Thando role. She thanked the whole of Ferguson films as she recalled the great time they shared.Upon sharing the news, Mzansi reacted with mixed feelings from The Queen fans. Some fans celebrated what she had been doing while were left heartbroken that their favourite had left the show.

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