The final end and goodbye of Principal Thobakgale

indafrica July 24, 2022
Updated 2022/07/24 at 11:43 AM

There’s plenty of muttering and grumbling against Principal Thobakgale (Elizabeth Serunye) in the Turf High staffroom, some of it down to sour grapes but a lot of it due to her 24-7 unapproving eye and habit of crushing anyone with ideas.

Thobakgale might not be aware of it, but her actions have brought her career to the brink of collapse.

A petition starts doing the rounds – calling for her to be removed from power – and spearheading the push is teacher Alfred (Putla Sehlapelo), who’s back at Turf seeing clearly now that his vision has returned (after he fell prey to one of the students’ “pranks” against Principal Thobakgale in June). And he’s not the only one.


His motive for leading the petition against Principal Thobakgale is to take her place in a simple power grab.

The two don’t get along, and Thobakgale has always wanted Alfred to leave and vice versa. This isn’t the first time that Alfred is scheming to get rid of Principal for his own selfish ends.


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