Winston makes Sphe’s life hard whilst in the grave

indafrica July 25, 2022
Updated 2022/07/25 at 4:43 PM

Murder, serial killers and secret love affairs are the order this week on Generations The Legacy, and you don’t want to miss out!

Let’s get to it
The 360 degrees of Sphe Cele and Ayanda Malinga!
Two women who are hiding very horrible secrets are about to be exposed.

Those two women are Sphe and Ayanda.
Sphe is hiding a whole dead body, and Ayanda is hiding Nkosiyabo under Pele’s nose; those secrets are about to be exposed.

Let’s start with Sphe

Sphe killed Winston Majori weeks ago, and we have been tap dancing around this issue with her since then.

Lelethu came across this information by pure luck. He caught his girlfriend Pamela talking to Sphe about hiding specific details about this.

Pam was at the Zola Radebe hotel when Sphe shot Winston, and Lelethu found this out last week when he paid off the receptionist for the CCTV footage.

After talking to Thuso, Winston’s crazy girlfriend, he learns of Winston’s possible death, and now he is on Sphe like white on rice.

When Sphe saw Lelethu speaking to Thuso, she decided to confess to killing Winston to Mazwi and now Mazwi is trying to block Lelethu from writing anything about this story. Still, Lelethu is a man on a mission.

This week he puts pressure on Sphe big time! He is seen going to Dr Cele to force a confession out of her, and then he gives Mazwi a request about writing the story.

As Lelethu puts pressure to publish the story, the police continue to track Nkosiyabo because Malinga wants him in jail for corruption.

This is where the universe plays a trick on Sphe and Ayanda, and their worlds come crashing into one another.

The police trace Nkosiyabo to Zola Radebe and find CCTV footage of his visits there; Zanele gets excited to tell Pele that they caught Nkosiyabo visiting the hotel quite often. Still, when Dali watches the duplicate footage, he finds more than what he expects. His wife.

Ayanda shows up on the footage looking very cosied up to Nkosiyabo, which unsettles Dali.

Here is the 360; the two ladies have done dirt in Zola Radebe. One is about to go to jail for murder, and the other is about to lose her marriage.

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