Njeza finally steals Hlelo, what will Sbu do

indafrica July 28, 2022
Updated 2022/07/28 at 10:10 AM

Finally Njeza betray his friends Sbu because according to Njeza, Hlelo is too clever and he does not deserve Sbu.

Njeza was always having crush on Hlelo, but Sbu was not aware because he is his friend and he trusts him, the only thing that Njeza does is to take advantage of Hleziphe because she does not have anyone to share his problem.

Firstly, it was in office, but Sbu disturbed them, and the following day Njeza noticed that Sbu was not around and visit Hlelo, actually Njeza is backstabbing Sbu internationally because he can’t avoid to being near her.

Sbu was not supposed to trust his friends with her girlfriend because they are two at the beach and he is not around, it is clear that Sbu takes things easy until he got burned.

Now Sbu thinks that it is a good idea for his girlfriend to come and work with them, and he does not know that Njeza is interested to Hlelo, so eventually Hlelo might leave Sbu to Njeza.

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