Kwezi makes a daring move that leaves Lehasa in tears

indafrica August 1, 2022
Updated 2022/08/01 at 1:19 PM

If anything then after Zandile seems Lehasa only attracts a woman who is psycho and doesn’t know when to let go. And all the good ones just seem to not able to stay as they can’t take all the drama.

Kwezikhazi can’t take the fact that Lehasa might have chosen Pretty over her despite everything they have been through and know about him.

She makes a daring move to teach Lehasa a lesson as she found out that Lehasa is living with Pretty, while she expected that things would work out for her and Lehasa since she is pregnant. But seems Lehasa only wants Pretty and nothing can change that.

Now is angry and feels that she has to do something to make Lehasa pay and what can she do if not tell Peterson all she knows about Lehasa regarding Annelisa and Fanie Maseremul?

Kwezi has all the evidence she needs to take Lehasa down and seems like if she doesn’t get what she wants, she will spill all beans and risk Lehasa going to prison for a very long time.

Something one can learn from this is that it doesn’t matter how much you love but don’t ever open up to someone about everything especially things that might just get you in trouble with the law.

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