Busi’s Ghost gives Faith Zwide no rest

indafrica August 2, 2022
Updated 2022/08/02 at 12:51 PM

After being released from prison Faith thought it was best to go back to the house where Funani and Nkosi live after what she has done, we have to give it to her she is one brave woman who doesn’t care except for getting what she wants.

Funani has had it with Faith and tells her to never step in the house again. During a press conference, Nkosi calls Faith a murderer in front of the journalist. Faith and Zanele move into the intern’s apartment leaving Sandile without a place to live.

Bra Carter makes Isaac a tempting offer while the media frenzy ensues at House of Zwide. Nkosi tells Mamphi to get her loyalties right and an estranged Sandile has Zanele to her rescue.

Faith is haunted by a voice and she freaks out more when she learns that there is new evidence against her , while Funani and Isaac bond. Isaac lets Molefe in on his plan and the keletso is found playing with a gun. Zanele is taking strain but Laz is there to support her.

Will faith finally confess because of the voice that’s going to haunt her whose voice is it maybe it’s Busi’s voice or the grandmother’s or just her conscious playing tricks with her?

Source “House of Zwide 2 Teasers – August 2022 | House of Zwide Teasers | TVSA”


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