How it end for Principal Thobakgale

indafrica August 2, 2022
Updated 2022/08/02 at 10:05 AM

Principal Thobakgale might lose her job at Turf high because Currently Alfred Magongwa and Evelyn are plotting to destroy her,

Principal Thobakgale went to see Alfred Magongwa, but she was shocked when she sees Evelyn drinking tea with Alfred Magongwa, obviously she knows that she is in a serious trouble.

Meneer Manaka and her daughter Elizabeth Thobakgale advised principal Thobakgale to find a lawyer, but she took it lightly, because they knew that she might be in a serious trouble after what happened to Alfred and Evelyn.

Remember Alfred and Evelyn are the people who complain about principal Thobakgale, and they made other teachers to side with them, and Zamokuhle also accuse Principal Thobakgale of stealing tablets because she didn’t want to communicate with him.

The only thing that makes principal Thobakgale to worry too much is that, she might not have someone who will stand with her except Meneer Manaka.

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