Age difference between Katlego Danke amd baby Daddy Bafana Mthembu shocks Mzansi

indafrica August 3, 2022
Updated 2022/08/03 at 12:06 PM

The age difference between Gomora actress Thathi ‘Katlego Danke’ and her alleged baby daddy Bafana Mthembu got Mzansi talking
Gomora actress Katlego Danke has been trending in the wake of her viral pregnancy rumours.

According to Daily Sun, the actress informed a few people, including the producers, so that they could incorporate her pregnancy into her Gomora script.

However, the actress did not reveal her baby daddy leaving many to connect the dots on who the father is. Sources reported that Bafana Mthembu is her baby daddy as the two have been spotted together on several occasions.

The rumours of Bafana Mthembu being Katlego Danke’s baby daddy are making rounds on social media, making Mzansi curious about the duo’s age difference.

Well, it’s pretty shocking that the two have a considerable age difference. Katlego Danke was born on the 7th of November 1978. On the other hand, Bafana Mthembu was born in 1992 and is 30 years old as of 2022. Katlego and her alleged baby daddy have an age difference of seven years.

The age difference between Katlego Danke and her alleged baby daddy Bafana Mthembu stuns Mzansi
Many would have wondered who Bafana Mthembu is and his sources of income. Bafana Mthembu was born in Soweto; he was thrust into the limelight when featured in the drama series Family Secrets.

Ever since his debut into the entertainment industry, he has been winning big and was nominated as the Best Traditional Social Media Influencer at the SATMA Awards.

On the other hand, Katlego Danke is an outstanding actress famous for her roles in Gomora as Thathi. On Gomora, she plays the role of a gorgeous daughter of a bloody murderer MaSonto played by Connie Chiume. She is slaying her role to perfection, and as a testament to her skills, she has a cabinet of awards to display.

How Katlego Danke’s pregnancy was featured in the storyline of Gomora
Katlego Danke playacts the role of Thathi, a widow of Phumulani, whom she killed while defending herself from death.

Four months after the death of her husband, Thathi has been having unexplained mood swings and throwing tantrums.

She started behaving strangely, and as she was trying to discover what was happening to her, she found out she was pregnant. That’s how Katlego Danke’s pregnancy was featured in the storyline of Gomora.

A Well, it’s without a doubt that the showrunners of Gomora are geniuses who incorporated Katlego’s pregnancy into their storyline effortlessly.

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