Khwezi’s big plan gets her in more trouble

indafrica August 4, 2022
Updated 2022/08/04 at 8:20 AM

Skeem Saam has been one of the South African TV shows that most South Africans generally stay tuned to each work day.

In the beyond couple of years since the show soapie appeared, it has reliably kept South Africans engaged and needing more from the show.

What most watchers love about this grant winning TV show is the way that it very well may be fiction more often than not, however on specific events it addresses every one of the circumstances that occur in the public eye consistently, and it is additionally exceptionally instructive.

Starting from the start of this current year, Skeem Saam has kept you completely engaged by the different story lines. The ongoing storyline on the show centers around Lehasa’s life and his adoration existence with Khwezi and Pretty.

Khwezi and Lehasa got into a relationship to a place where he concluded that he needed to propose to her, yet after him and his previous sweetheart revived, he understood that she was the one he would prefer to use whatever remains of his existence with.

Then he began going behind Khwezi’s back with pretty. At the point when Khwezi learned about the issue, he wounded Lehasa and he wound up in the emergency clinic.

At the point when he escaped the emergency clinic and every bit of relevant information was told, Lehasa believed nothing should do with his previous life partner, just for him to figure out that she was pregnant.

Then Khwezi gave Lehasa a final proposal that he ought to pick between her,the child, or Pretty. Lehasa is hesitant to relinquish Khwezi on the grounds that she knows his most profound and haziest mysteries that could make him end up in prison for quite a while.

Lehasa currently ends up in a circumstance where he has consented to wed Khwezi, yet while Pretty is still in the image. At the point when Khwezi figures out that Lehasa is as yet living with Pretty,she pursues a choice on whether she ought to give all the data she has about Lehasa to Peterson.

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